faten hakimi

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Faten Hakimi is an artist and writer based in London, United Kingdom. Born in Beirut, Lebanon and dreaming that she is to become an artist someday she painted her first portrait (of Alice in Wonderland) at the age of eight.  By 1999, she weaved a small silk carpet, read Sadegh Hedayat's Three Drops of Blood, and fell in love with Francis Bacon.


She then completed a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the American University of Beirut (AUB).  Her interest in current affairs led to her move to London, UK in 2005 to pursue Higher Education in Economics.  She also completed an MA in Fine Arts from the City & Guilds of London Art School in September 2012 and completed her dissertation on the subject of Aetheticizing Traumatic Historical Experiences Through Art.


Inspired by the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, her work was chosen to be exhibited in a group show, Modern Panic, curated by artist collective Guerrilla Zoo.  And her painting titled Baby was published in a not-for profit quarterly literary magazine, You Stumble Into A Room Full Of Poets.  Her artwork was also shortlisted for the Mall Galleries Portrait Prize Award.  She regularly participates in group shows and exhibitions, the latest being Modern Panic vii (Oct ’16).  She is a successful portrait artist and strongly believes in establishing an artist/muse relationship with each of her sitters.  Her artworks are found in the collections of numerous international collectors.


Faten continues her research and artistic experimentation in the fields of psychology and social identity, and addressing the inner self within the constraints of the present reality.  She writes reviews of British and international artists, discusses current art exhibitions, and files features for Trebuchet Magazine. Her articles include reviews of the Hannah Hoch Exhibition shown at the Whitechapel Gallery and the Kazimir Malevich Retrospective shown at the Tate Modern.  Her most recent writing piece is a review of the Power and Protection exhibition that was held at the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford University.

Faten Hakimi, Artist, Writer, Consultant, Curator.

“I paint portraits of people, faces, emotions, screams, and memories.  There is something inexplicably beautiful about the connection developed between an artist and their sitter.  Portraiture draws upon a centuries old tradition, and while some of that tradition needs to be respected, it also needs to be broken down and reinterpreted to allow itself to represent contemporary art.  I use my sitters face to paint their mind or state of mind.  I use their body to paint a memory they want to hold on to.  I find myself in them, I get lost in the process, and art happens with every brushstroke.” f.h